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Clients’ Reviews

Commercial for Arteastiq Cafe

“Love it! Reflects accurately what Arteastiq is about in a tasteful and classy way.”

-Luth, Marketing Manager, Arteastiq Cafe.


Commercial for AlgoMerchant

“Super good seriously. Once they watch the video, our valuation will soar high.”

-Reinhart, Director, AlgoMerchant.


Pre Wedding Video for Esther and Tyrell

“I love the scene with the interview because this really lets the audience get to know more about us as a couple on a personal level, opposed to a silent video that is just aesthetically pleasing. Brilliant idea! I was actually afraid that we will end up feeling awkward during the interview scene, but Reel Film Productions made us feel so relaxed and comfortable with the whole scene, we were able to be ourselves while filming.

Scene 2 was a cute lighthearted video followed by scene 3 which slows the pace down. All in, the 3 scenes were customised to suit how Tyrell and I are like as a couple.”

– Esther, wedding couple


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