About Us

Welcome to ReelFilm Productions.

What does ReelFilm do?

Here at RF, our team provides professional services in videograhy works.
We have various works in huge spectrum of videography, such as lifestyle, events, educational, corporate, training and wedding videos.

Why choose ReelFilm?

Quality of Work, 

Attention to Details,

Passion and Emotions 

ReelFilm believes that planning is as important as executing. That’s why ReelFilm spends a significant portion of our time, dedicated to mood boarding, storyboarding and identifying client’s objectives.

How do we achieve that?

The RF team has a robust work flow to ensure that our work match our client’s requirements and expectations. We break up the productions into various stages and we have key meetings with clients to update them on the progress of the projects.

When did ReelFilm Started?

RF started in 2015 by Principal Videographer Samuel Goh. As clients and projects grew in 2016, ReelFilm has relaunch itself in 2017 as a boutique production house. We have the equipments, softwares and expertise to execute a project from Conceptualising to Shooting to Editing.